🚀 Today marks the launch of my new miniseries on DIY in Geosciences on the European Geosciences Union (EGU) Hydrological Science Blog! 🌍🛠️

As geoscientists, we rely on diverse data—from soil moisture to water levels, snow height, radiation, precipitation, and beyond. Yet, obtaining this data can be a challenge due to the unavailability or high cost of specialized devices. That’s where the DIY spirit comes in handy! 💡 In this miniseries, I’ll guide you through building your own sensors, starting with microcontrollers.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I’ll dive into microelectronic components, sensors, circuit boards, and even 3D-printing. 🌐✨

Link to the Blogpost: https://blogs.egu.eu/divisions/hs/2023/11/30/do-it-yourself-diy-in-geoscience-miniseries-part-1-microcontrollers/



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