🌾Protecting Harvests Part 5 – Floating Gardens ⛵🌾 So far, all of the previous solutions in […]
Conquering Droughts Part 3: Artificial Glaciers 🧊🏔 All over the world, humans depend on meltwater in […]
Droughts threaten our food production! In the last decade, crop failure due to drought lead to […]
Watersquares help us adapt our citys to climate change impacts. Climate change causes stronger and more […]
Complex societal challenges like the adaptation to climate change can’t be solved by one scientific discipline […]
Climate Impacts and society Within the last month we have seen a variety of natural disasters, […]
Its summer in the northern hemisphere with many places in central Europe already having metrological droughts. […]
This issue of WaterWednesday is mostly written by RICHMOND KULEAPE. Richmond is a dedicated researcher currently […]
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🌾🌡 Climate Change & Agriculture With climate change leading to more hydrologic droughts (see in this […]