Climate Impacts and society Within the last month we have seen a variety of natural disasters, […]
Thanks to a Watson Short Term Scientific Mission grant I was able to visit the institute […]
Its summer in the northern hemisphere with many places in central Europe already having metrological droughts. […]
Last week, myself and other PhD students of the hydrological professorships of the University of Freiburg […]
This issue of WaterWednesday is mostly written by RICHMOND KULEAPE. Richmond is a dedicated researcher currently […]
♻ Wastewater Treatment Plants and Climate Change In a world where water gets more and more […]
🌾🌡 Climate Change & Agriculture With climate change leading to more hydrologic droughts (see in this […]
🛣🏜 Cities, aka sealed asphalt deserts Our cities are currently build to drain rainwater FAST! With […]
Climate change and floods According to climate projections, as the climate crisis worsens, the global hydrologic […]
Last week I took part in the “Isotope Hydrology” course from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. […]