In July 2021, my grandmother’s house was affected by the massive Eifel/Ahr flood. In the following week, I spent the whole day from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night in the mud masses that were in the basement and first floor. At my grandmother’s house alone, in the days after the catastrophe, over 30+ people helped to clean up the mud, demolish and remove all the furniture, and knock down tiles and walls. After over a year of drying and renovation and a lot of money, grandma was able to move back into her house in the summer of 2022.

While it is difficult to link this one event to climate change, it is certain that the rise in temperature will cause such events to occur more frequently. In the upcomming weeks I will explain in a multi-post series of #waterwednesday how water and climate change are interconnected.

To prevent other people from suffering the same fate as my grandmother, we need to mitigate global warming as best we can. That’s why I’m going on the global climate strike this Friday with my Greenpeace volunteer group. Join us!


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