Climate change and floods According to climate projections, as the climate crisis worsens, the global hydrologic […]
How humans influence droughts Droughts come in different “natural” stages and severities (see last newsletter: 🌧 […]
Preface: Climate change adaptation is only effecive when also commiting to climate change mitigation Definitions: aquifer […]
In the last few weeks I realized that I really enjoy communicating water science, so I […]
Recently we have heard a lot about the current drought in Spain and Italy. Rainfalls are […]
A review by Mathias Sprenger and others in 2016 described how preferential flowpaths alter the iotopic […]
In last weeks #waterwednesday I briefly explained the reason behind the seasonality effect of stable water […]
Winter rain is lighter than that in summer. Does not make sense? Yes, it does! The […]
In some soils over 95% of infiltrated rainwater travels through less than .5% of the total […]
In line with my PhD project on subsurface stormflow I want to share some basics on […]