In my blog-post from February I showed how we take soil samples. Here is how we […]
Last week our team spend 3 days on a workacion, presenting and discussing our latest research. […]
For my PhD thesis we will drill 500+ holes and take over 6000 soil-samples. Here you […]
This week I took part in a Workshop by Sascha Vogel ( learning how to communicate […]
The final field campaign took us to the most scenic but also coldest and steepest catchment […]
After multiple iterations, the autosampler finally works. While I assembled the hardware, Stefan Seeger did all […]
The last week of July was the fieldcampaign in Sauerland where we also dug three trenches […]
After taking over 700 soil samples in the Freiburg fieldcampaign, I am now analyzing the soil […]
In May I virtually joined the “European Geoscience Union 2022”, attending multiple Short Courses and listening […]
Last Month I started my Phd in the DFG funded “Research Unit Subsurface Stormflow” with a […]